A Blank Canvas

Finally! After much searching we’ve found our blank canvas. Henceforth known as Ingadi.

Blank Canvas 1

Join us as we transform our little garden into a permaculture inspired island amidst this sea of lawns in Nundah, Brisbane. Researching, experimenting and making mistakes as we learn on the way.

Blank Canvas 2

We aspire to work with nature to grow our own organic produce in the smallest of backyards while documenting our progress.

Blank Canvas 3

If this blog can inspire at least one person to pick up a spade and “give it a go”, I’ll be a happy man…


~ by Jake on January 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “A Blank Canvas”

  1. Ingadi in Nundah I love both your enthusiasm and vision

  2. It’s all thanks to Yallamurra’s mayor that always provides more diversity and knowledge to Ingadi!

  3. It’s all about giving it a go! Now rather than later. We learn best from our mistakes along the way and the successes are very inspiring. Read, talk to each other, attend workshops or courses if possible and share information any way you can.

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