Beautiful Rain

Caught in the act

Straight from famine to flood! Glad to report overflowing water tanks. We know Ingadi can withstand a miniature drought, now its time to find out how it fares with the big wet. Wish us luck.

Rain Gauge

However, don’t get me wrong, we’re not ungrateful at all. Some of Ingadi’s residents absolutely love all this moisture!
We welcome nature’s pest controllers to Ingadi, now go get those pesky grasshoppers…


~ by Jake on January 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “Beautiful Rain”

  1. Have you an inland lake in Ingadi to house your wildlife. You might end up with an influx of creatures unknown!!

  2. Unknown creatures add to the fun, its amazing what comes out after the rain!!

  3. Lets trust in your little fishes to end the mosquito’s lifespan

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