Greening Australia Nursery

I can never drive by a secondhand book store or a diverse nursery.

Greening Australia is one of my favourites.

Tucked away in lush bushland just off Paten Road in the Gap, you can almost imagine you’re miles out of the city!

Greening Australia Nursery 1

Specialising in Native South East Queensland Flora, there’s heaps of interesting species to explore. Very informative plaques accompany most of these and helped us small scalers to steer away from all those eventual 4m giants. Greening Australia’s website also provides tons of information and they even supply plant suggestions best suited to your Brisbane suburb if required. Why buy unacclimatized plants imported from afar when you have access to all these local gems.

A multitude of bushtucker, ornamentals, shrubs, trees, climbers, waterplants, herb and vegetable seedlings can be found here and all those $2 bargains certainly won’t break the bank.

It’s quite a treat to walk past all those healthy plants and smells. I was also wondering, do you consider it cheating to purchase capsicum seedlings already groaning under the weight of all those little capsicums? They’re clearly doing something right at this nursery!

Just make sure to keep track of the prices of your purchases before you ring them up as this makes for a quick checkout.
I’m already excited about our next visit…


~ by Jake on February 15, 2013.

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