Nundah Farmers Market

Trade your local “twilight zone” supermarket with its constant temperature and bright lighting for some fresh air and plenty of vitamin D every Sunday at Nundah Farmers Market.

Nudah Farmers Market 002

The markets are located right in front of Nundah train station and trade every Sunday from 6am to noon. With free parking available there is no excuse not to come and have a browse! Bring the whole family and even dogs are welcome.

Here you’ll find all your weekly needs including grass-fed beef,  free range chicken, fresh fish, free range eggs and tonnes of seasonal fruits and vegetables at competitive prices. I recommend bringing a trolley if you’re planning to do your weekly shop.

There is a florist, jeweller, fish monger, butcher, baker and yes, even a candlestick maker!

Nudah Farmers Market 032

You can kickstart your market experience with a lovely coffee or stock up on a variety of interesting teas. Grab a bratwurst, dumpling, pancake, cupcake or watch Cecily work her magic on the barbecue while preparing one of her famous burger specials.

There are also several handmade craft tables tucked in between the bigger fruit and vegetable stalls and sometimes you’ll find some live music contributing to the friendly atmosphere. Smiles all around!

I’ve barely scraped the surface of what Nundah Farmers Market has to offer. So it’s best to come and have a look for yourself. See you there!


~ by Jake on March 2, 2013.

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