Edible Landscapes Nursery (Northey Street City Farm)

If you’re looking for permaculture inspiration around Brisbane look no further than Northey Street City Farm! This is truly one of the best examples of what a community can achieve while looking for financial and ecological sustainability. Nestled in between thousands of native and exotic fruit trees and plants you’ll stumble upon this little gem of a nursery.
Welcome to Edible Landscapes Nursery…

Edible Landscapes  001

The name says it all. Each and every little plant stocked in this nursery has either a nutritional or medicinal purpose. Seasonally the seedlings are timed to perfection. This is by far the best place to head to if you require anything Permaculture related whether its vegetable seedlings, herbs, fruit and citrus trees as well as lots of interesting information.

Edible Landscapes  008

We’ve found Edible Landscape’s seedlings and saplings to have the best growth and survival success rates that we’ve encountered thus far. It certainly has to do with their organic approach to all their endeavours whether it’s soil production or sourcing seeds. Most big corporate nursery purchases look amazing while still on premises but as soon as you bring them home they suffer from a NPK and chemical withdrawal and don’t usually last long unless you keep feeding them the chemicals they crave. This is certainly not the case when it comes to Edible Landscapes plants as there’s no need for them to go “cold turkey”! It also helps that most of their seedlings are started and grown on site meaning they’re already well acclimatized to Brisbane and its surrounds.

Edible Landscapes  007

It’s hard to believe your still in the middle of the Brisbane while wandering through this nursery. Life abounds in this small little space and with each purchase you’re almost sure to accidentally receive a beneficial critter of some sort to take home. I bet you could trace back most of Ingadi’s earthworm ancestry to this very spot.

Be sure to have a chat with Peta or any of the other volunteers while you’re there. They are really helpful and very knowledgeable! We’ve spent many visits picking Peta’s brain and we’ve learned she also shares our curious habit of spending time merely watching insects and birds going about their business in the garden. With observation being at the core of permaculture teachings, this comes as no surprise.

We absolutely love this nursery and make use of it regularly to help diversify our garden. So pop in for a browse next time your close to Northey Street City Farm and enjoy all the delights this great space has to offer!


~ by Jake on July 30, 2013.

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