Black Sapote Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Do you ever find yourself craving for something sweet and chocolaty, but hate that ‘packed-full-of-preservatives-and-sugar’ junk?

Black Sapote to the rescue!

Chocolate Pudding Fruit

After hearing about this delicious tropical fruit that tastes like chocolate mousse we had to get our hands on some! We did a little research and found that Black Sapote is available from July to December and the fruit can be found at your local fruit and veg market or Organic store. It’s “choc-o-block” full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and contains hardly any fat. A great healthy alternative to conventional puddings.

Chocolate Pudding

The hardest part was waiting a few days for the fruit to ripen! Finally when the fruit became soft and dark in colour we could satisfy our curiosity and we almost ate the whole thing in one go! There’s a great variety of ways to use this fruit which includes baking, smoothies, milkshakes and basically everywhere else you’d normally use chocolate. It has a lovely soft, velvety texture and this got us thinking what a great combination it would make with Coconut milk. We eventually settled on the following recipe:

Black Sapote Pudding

Chocolate Pudding Fruit Recipe

2 Black Sapote fruit (de-seed and mash up)
400ml Coconut Milk
3 tbsp Carob Powder (or Cocoa)
2 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Chia seeds
2 tbsp Dark chocolate Goji berries (crushed up)
1 tsp Vanilla essence

Mix all the above in a bowl and keep tasting until you’ve found the best flavour that appeals to you. Place it in the freezer and after an hour or so you’re ready to serve. You could also add in other ingredients such as nuts or berries if desired.
It freezes quite solid, so if you’re planning to indulge after dinner remember to take the pudding out to thaw a bit.

Alternatively you could freeze it in smaller containers or be naughty and add a couple of tablespoons of vodka so it doesn’t freeze completely! Hope you have as much fun experimenting with this recipe as we did.

Black Sapote Tree

We loved the taste of this exotic fruit so much that we ended up getting our own Black Sapote for the garden and it’s one beautiful little tree. Can’t wait for the harvest!


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One Response to “Black Sapote Chocolate Pudding Recipe”

  1. If you happen to make some and be nearby ill be happy to taste yours (just so I know what mine is meant to taste like)

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