Straw Mulch Pallet Seats

Having such a small space to work with can certainly bring many challenges, especially when it comes to finding storage space for our mulch. While trying to solve this conundrum we also happened to be looking for a few cheap but comfortable outdoor seats.

Straw Mulch Garden Seat 004

A key part of Permaculture design is to find a practical mix of functions and uses in your available space, so we applied this teaching to our garden seat construction.

Straw Mulch Garden Seat 002

This design combines a comfortable garden seat with storage space for future mulch. We used the straw mattress idea to make beanbag type cushions stuffed with sugar cane mulch. Em did a great job stitching the canvas seat cover while I was outside building the frame out of two wooden pallets. We then stain-varnished the frames for a more aesthetic look.

Straw Mulch Garden Seat 003

So there you go, two very comfortable, multi functional garden seats. Eventually we’ll replace the straw once it has broken down and use this as mulch throughout the garden. I’m also looking forward to use these chairs for a summer afternoon siesta.

Straw Mulch Garden Seat 001


~ by Jake on August 25, 2013.

One Response to “Straw Mulch Pallet Seats”

  1. Ingadi Visitors beware! You will now be fed lots of kale and beans so we can harvest your fertilizing flatulence with our straw chairs :-P.

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