Fly and Mosquito Trap

With the Australian Summer just around the corner there’s certainly no shortage of mosquitoes and flies in the garden. Not being too keen on donning  cork hats we made a few of these very efficient fly traps based on nature’s own carnivorous Pitcher plant design.

House Fly

Simply cut a 1.25L plastic bottle in half and invert the top. Fill the bottom with water and add a teaspoon of yeast and sugar. The yeast starts fermenting and releases Carbon Dioxide that attracts flies and mosquitoes.  They enter the funnel to reach the brew, get trapped and will eventually drown.

Mosquito & Fly Trap

The best part of this design is that there’s no nasty chemicals needed.


This trap has been so effective that we’ll soon be adding a few more around the garden.


~ by Jake on November 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fly and Mosquito Trap”

  1. Hey Jake, This is a cool little project we shall try this summer… Thanks.. Chris

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