Ingadi Update

It’s been over a year since the first hole was dug in Ingadi and thanks to the recent downpour there’s been an explosion in growth. A lot of micro-climates now exist for us to play around with and there’s currently over 150 edible species crammed into our small garden with plenty space for more.

Raised Beds

Several Permaculture concepts have gone into our planning for Ingadi and we’re already reaping the rewards. We’ve used the classic banana circle idea and adapted it to our garden by placing the banana plant next to a drainage hole to ensure plenty of moisture and a compost bin underneath the tree for nutrients.

Herb Spiral

Thanks to the herb spiral we have a wide variety of fresh herbs available to spice things up in the kitchen and the aquaponics supply us with crispy Lettuce, Kale and Spinach. A medicinal herb spiral has also been added to give us a health boost and a nibble on a sleep inducing Brahmi leaf in the evenings tucks us into bed.

Predator Pond

We’ve added a few ponds to act as predator habitats and it wasn’t long before several frogs moved in. Destructive Grasshoppers and Cane Toads were the only residents when we first started off but Nature has now found a balance and the pests are quite scarce. The nightly “popping” of the Eastern Marsh Frog has become a lullaby for us and we can rest assured that in the morning there would be a few less pests around.

Dainty Tree Frog Closeup

To our delight a couple of Green Tree Frogs have also made an appearance as well as a Dainty Tree Frog. Their presence is a great indicator of a healthy, organic garden!

Honey bee on Chia 2

Bees have us on their map and we receive daily visits from a wide variety of species including Native Stingless, Blue Banded and European honeybees. Ladybugs are a plenty and it was with great mirth that we witnessed the vigorous efforts of a gentleman bug trying to impress his ladybug! Lizards and gecko’s also provide us with lots of entertainment when witnessing their antics.

Passion Fruit

Each morning brings new surprises and it’s a joy to have a walkabout in this tranquil space before hitting the hustle and bustle of the City. It’s become a bit of a race between me and the missus to see who can spot the first ripe, juicy, fresh strawberry, finders keepers!

We’ve learned bucket loads since starting our Permaculture adventure and we look forward to all the new experiences Ingadi has to offer in the new year.


~ by Jake on December 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “Ingadi Update”

  1. Hey Jake… Nice collection of pics you have here, I particularly like the bee… As it happens we’re currently up here in Ipswich for Christmas and with this combination of heat and moisture I’m not surprised thing are growing well!… Hope you have a good one… Chris 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, glad you liked the bee photo! Hope you have a great festive season up here in the sunshine state 🙂

  3. So trots op jul tweetjies!!! Ongelooflike lushof wat julle in so kort tydjie hier geskep het!!! Kan net dink hoe geniet jul dit!!!

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