Bliss Balls Recipe

•November 26, 2013 • 1 Comment

Craving something satisfying, healthy and raw to eat? Then try this recipe for a blissfully delicious treat!


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Fly and Mosquito Trap

•November 2, 2013 • 2 Comments

With the Australian Summer just around the corner there’s certainly no shortage of mosquitoes and flies in the garden. Not being too keen on donning  cork hats we made a few of these very efficient fly traps based on nature’s own carnivorous Pitcher plant design.

House Fly

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Djanbung Gardens

•October 19, 2013 • 2 Comments

An old advertisement in the Permaculture International Journal from 1995 caught our attention and we soon organised a visit to this famously well established Permaculture site in New South Wales.

Djanbung Advertisement

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Small Aquarium Aquaponics

•September 23, 2013 • 7 Comments

A neighbour was kind enough to throw out a small aquarium and as the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. This tank started out as a great tadpole nursery, however we wanted to find a way for it to produce something a bit more palatable as we’re not quite French enough to consider frog legs a delicacy.

Then spawned the idea for our Small Aquarium Aquaponics!

Small Aquarium Aquaponics

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Straw Mulch Pallet Seats

•August 25, 2013 • 1 Comment

Having such a small space to work with can certainly bring many challenges, especially when it comes to finding storage space for our mulch. While trying to solve this conundrum we also happened to be looking for a few cheap but comfortable outdoor seats.

Straw Mulch Garden Seat 004

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Ingadi Moments “Part 2″

•August 10, 2013 • Leave a Comment

“I like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.”
Alice Sebold

Dainty Tree Frog

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Black Sapote Chocolate Pudding Recipe

•August 4, 2013 • 1 Comment

Do you ever find yourself craving for something sweet and chocolaty, but hate that ‘packed-full-of-preservatives-and-sugar’ junk?

Black Sapote to the rescue!

Chocolate Pudding Fruit

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